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Academia Conference--San Antonio

Well, for those of you who have noticed, I'm trying to takeover the blog updates for the family. I know Hope is busy enough chasing 3 kids around all da long, so I thought I would use the iPad to make shorter, but more frequent posts to the blog.
So this is just a quick recap of my trip to San Antonio. I went for the annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP).

It is a good meeting to get ideas for new things to try in the classroom, and is focused on pharmacy and healthcare education. I have also been able to publish my research there for the past two years.

San Antonio was very nice, but really hot. The Alamo was much smaller than I expected, but the Tower of the Americas was huge.

The food was great, and believe it or not I even tried the guacamole! (It was handmade at the table!)

In all, it was a good trip, but I am ready to be heading home today. (I Am in the air between San Antonio and Atlanta as I write this!)

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Location:San Antonio, TX

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Nona and Papi said...

But what about the Outlet Mall? Didn't you get any good deals there???

Smith/McKinney/Deweese Christmas 2008

January 28th, 2009

Hey everyone. Sorry that I've been behind lately. You'd think I just had a baby or something!! Here in Louisville things are white and covered in ice. Our lines are underground so we fortunatly have power. BC and Anabelle have been out and enjoyed the snow but Sammy and I have stayed inside where it's warm and dry.

Sam is doing great. He's getting bigger every day and more alert. Anabelle calls him "my simmy" and she kisses him and hugs him every chance she gets.

Although she's so loving with Sam she's not so accomedating with everyone else. We're so in the terrible twos with her. She's obsessed with everything belonging to her and she is in the middle of giving up her baba (it's equelvalent to a binky or a thumb) so the option of just satisfying her is not going to happen. I'm gearing up for potty training because Anabelle is taking her diaper off and asking to go to the potty. It should be an everything with Belle Belle is.

BC has been home this week because of the weather. It's been nice to have him home throughout the week, but he is unfortunately leaving again tomorrow for Indianapolis. BC's been asked back to three interviews for three out of four of the residency programs that he applied for. This one in Indy is with Eli Lilly. He's pretty excited about the trip and I'm just hoping for a cool souvenir.

As for me...I'm sleep deprived and feeling like I'm way behind on everything. The weather has slowed me down a bit and I honestly wish I had more time to do things like cooking and cleaning. I also haven't been able to do much sewing lately but I hope to soon. I'm in the middle of about 3 projects that obviously aren't getting done but, I love what my time is being spent on. Being a mom is incredible and being Samuel and Anabelle's mom is more than incredible. I love them both so much and I'm happy to spend my hours playing, feeding and loving them!!

Hope you all are doing great too!!

Five dollar Foot-long

Kirby's Christmas Dance

Christmas Comes Early!

Christmas came early this week as we were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of our son, Samuel Eli Childress, on Thursday the 18th of December. He was just 36 weeks along, but my blood pressure issues caused the doctor to do the C-section early. All worked out well, and we are both doing wonderfully now. He was 7 lbs 7 oz, and didn't even have to go to the ICU. So we will be a family of four this Christmas!

Samuel Eli Childress

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
We took our annual Christmas picture last night and here it is. It took about ten tries but we got one where Anabelle is looking at the camera and we didn't cut ourselves out of it. It's been tough to get this picture this year because of our circumstances. BC is currently still in Atlanta doing his rotation with Mercer and I have been put on strict bed rest and diagnosed with gestational hypertension. It could be worse...I could be toxic, but, luckily I have a good level of protiens in my urine (thanks to the 24hr pee test!) and I have no swelling or weight gain (in the past month). So, I basically have to stay still and take my meds until my little belly is full term. As for Anabelle, she's liking having her Mammaw, Nona and Aunt Holly here to take care of us and make sure that she's clean and fed. Belle-Belle definatly knows that Mommy is unable to chase her down and put her in time out and so she has become a little sneak and trouble maker. Still...she's always the little charmer. Sorry no videos right now, I hope to put up more pics soon, In the mean time...leave us a message on our message board!

December 2, 2008: PRE-LABOR

So, some of you already know that I made a special trip to the hospital this past Saturday... I guess all that turkey brought the contractions on :). Saturday, all day, I felt kinda wierd. I was having contractions on and off during the day, none of them ever getting closer or stronger until around 6:30 p.m.. I timed them for about 2 hours and then called my doctor. He told me to get to the hospital so that they could stop the labor and check me. Unfortunatly for me I was 2 hours away, at my mother's house. My doctor suggested that I go to the nearest hospital before I progressed anymore. So I went to a hospital in Bowling Green where there was an on-call OBGYN who I never saw. My contractions began to get stronger before they gave me the shots that stopped them while simultainiously causing my heart to jump out of my chest. Then my lab work came back and showed that my potassium was extremely low. I had to stay the night and get and I.V.. I felt worse leaving the next morning than I did when I got there. I told BC on the way home that I was never going to do that again if I can help it. Hopefully this little boy will stay in my belly for another 2 weeks at the least.

November 17, 2008

November 12, 2008

It's not a food baby...

It's not a food baby...
So, ya...I'm getting pretty pregnant. As you can see by the ticker above I'm in the third and final trimester, it's the final count-down. Although I am so excited to almost see this baby and especially to have him out of me I am in misery. The closer I come to the end the more pregnant I feel. It's alright though, I won't complain too much. Anabelle's pregnancy was far worse, however this big guy is running out of room quickly and I think I'm getting just as uncomfortable as he is. The delight of expanding our family far out weighs any extremes that I'm physically faced with at the moment. I just hope that he's as easy to raise as he's been to carry around for nine months (hint: they never are!).

November 1st...

For all of you who know us, really know us, you'll know our dirty little secret...BC is obsessed with Christmas. This has become a problem over the years. I think he kept it from me while we where dating, but I guess I should have noticed the warning signs. It usually starts around July. The weather is so hot that he starts wishing for the coldness of December and he asks about bringing the tree out of storage. This tends to go away for a while and then will spring up again around September when I am putting up fall decorations. In October he starts listening to Christmas music and by the time we start going to Halloween parties, carving pumpkins and buying candy he's re-arranging the furniture so that the tree will fit in the living room. The day after Halloween there's just no stopping him. So, what have I done to help? I guess you could call me an enabler...I've caught the virus. Thanksgiving is of course celebrated but it's almost as if it's just a filler holiday. Just eat and see family and draw names for Christmas. I guess you could say we've gone commercial.

November 5, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Mammaw's Halloween Party

Last Saturday my mom, Anabelle's mammaw, held her annual Halloween party. This was the first year that Anabelle has really been into dressing up and playing games. She had so much fun. This year she's a tiger and she loves roaring at everyone. I painted her face and she kept saying "Mommy's make-up". I think she thought that she was finally getting to put it on after getting in trouble for trying to so much in the past. Here are a few pictures of the party, Anabelle's cousins and her getting dressed up!

From back left to front right: Levi Corbie, Darth Vader, Sydney, herself, Rylee, Shar-pae (High-School Musical), Anabelle Grace,tiger, Hannah, princess, Avery, Sleeping Beauty.

Check me out!

October 14, 2008

Anabelle was taking a bath today and BC was sitting with her. BC started asking her if she was ready to see her Nona and her cousins again today and then she asked if Burby (her Uncle Kirby) was going to be there too. We told her no and that Burby was in Provo with all of his girlfriends. Belle said, "NO!" and we said, "Burby doesn't have girlfriends?" and she said, "NO!". Then we asked her if she was Burby's girlfriend and she said, "ah-uh!". So, it's safe to say that whoever Burby does date better watch out because Belle-belle thinks that she is his one and only!
P.S. Kirbs, I hope you can watch this video...:)

On The Phone

Wedensday BC was on his way home from work. He was running late to get to CVS (the job that he really makes money at) when he got a phone call. It was Belle-belle. She talked to him for fifteen minutes before I started recording this. She told him about everything she did that day, from taking a bath to eating a "dog-dog" (hot dog) for lunch. It still makes me laugh...she never wants to talk on the phone to anyone. This was a real treat and I'm glad I caught it so that I could share it with you all!

The Birdie Sling

As some of you may know I've found a new hobby. I'm a sewing machine...ha. While I've done a few things on my machine in the past I have never used a pattern and I have to say that it ROCKS!!! So, the first thing I've produced has been this sling. It's a bag/purse that is perfect for anyone who loves to carry every item that they own. Since this was my first time I have to say that it took me a while to turn it out, but, I think in the future I can get it done much quicker. Let me know what you think about it. If you would like me to make one for you, give me a call and we can work out the details. Look out COACH!

The exterior.

The handles.

The lining.

The finished product.

October 6th, 2008

This past weekend we traveled up to Ohio to watch General Confrence with the Childress and Roemisch families. It was nice to all be together. Anabelle had so much fun playing on John and Debbie's playset. She actually went down the slide all by herself for the first time. Unfortunatly I have no pictures to post from this fun filled weekend because I left my camera at home. I hope you all will just take my word for it and forgive me for neglecting my resposibilities. Hopefully I can take some good pictures this week to make up for my mistake. Also, BC and I traded in our Altima last week for a Kia's a mini-van. Yes, we caved, or BC caved atleast. I love it! It has made running around so much easier and I know I'm going to love it even more once Samuel gets here. Yep...the little fetus in the top right corner has a name, a first name anyway. Little Samuel is turning out to be a mover and shaker. I think he just wants to remind me that he's still in there. Next month I get to schedule the delivery so we're gonna know his birthday before he even gets here. Hope you all are doing well...we miss you Molly and Kirby!!

Yogurt with a Spoon

Chinese People Food and High-heeled Shoes

On Saturday, September 27th, BC and I had to go to Chemistry Alumni Luncheon for KWC in Owensboro, KY. We couldn't really take Anabelle with us so she went with her Aunt Holly, Uncle Darrell and cousins, Rylee and Avery to Bowling Green, KY. Rylee had a birthday party to go to and so Aunt Holly took Avery and Anabelle to the mall where they rode in the big red car and ate "Chinese People food"...that's Avery's name for Chinese food. Holly told me that Anabelle shoved those noodles down. After that they met up with Uncle Darrell and Rylee and went to Lone Star where Anabelle ate her weight in mac and cheese. I was impressed that she ate so much for them when I can barely get her to eat at all myself. So, needless to say she came home fast asleep and covered in cheese. When she woke up from her nap Avery and Rylee were there waiting for her. They played and watched Shrek. They even put on a little fashion show for all of us by walking carefully, but loudly, up and down Mammaw's hallway. It was a good day.

Riding the Mower

When I first walked out and saw Momma driving Anabelle around on the mower Anabelle was waving at all the cars and trucks passing by. The big trucks honked for her while the other passers by just waved in reply. Then I began to notice that her figure grew more limp with each pass of the lawn. She eventually fell asleep right there on Mom's lap. It was really sweet.

Angel and Anabelle

The Ryder Cup 2008

It would be our luck that the year that the Ryder Cup is in Louisville, KY we would live there. It would also be our luck that we would be living 2 miles from the event. And again, it would be our luck that we would have no way of getting tickets. Yes. We are the most unluckiest people on the planet. Fortunatly for us we got some great pictures of the blimp from our house, some cool golf digs for half off (day after sale) and some post Cup pics of Valhalla. Enjoy!

The Direct TV blimp circling the Ryder Cup

Anabelle checkin' out the blimp with me.

Anabelle in an m&m coma before we headed over to the big tent to get our Ryder Cup goodies.

The Entrance

The Gates

The Cup (not actual size)

The Terrible Twos Come Early

Anabelle and I have had a rough week. BC is working all of the time now and we usually don't get to see him until right around 9:30 every night. It's just in time for us to say "night-night" prayers and tuck Anabelle in. Unfortunatly for me that's about the time I'm ready to throw in the towel. Anabelle's been trying her momma's nerves every day this week. I think it's called into question two different thoughts. The first is mine and it is...I thought I had a few more months before I had to start dealing with this kind of behavior. The second is BC's and it is...I think we're just having two kids. Anabelle is a wonderful child/baby but I am challenged everyday. She's not only everywhere at the same time, she's wreaking havoc everywhere she goes. So, not only am I trying to keep up with her I'm cleaning up the same mess I cleaned up five minutes before. Just thinking about it makes me exausted. I guess it wouldn't be as bad if I weren't almost 6 months pregnant. Let's just say that there are some days that are better than others and today wasn't one of them.


Rylee, Avery and Anabelle had their pictures taken this past Saturday with Laurie Keen. Here are some of them that were taken. They did such a good job and Laurie is amazing. You can see her work on her blog:

She really is talented and I can't wait to see the rest of the girl's pictures.

Ike Spares Us

Louisville, KY (where we live) has been under a state of emergency and will continue to be for the next week or so. Over 75% of LG&E (our electric supplier) customers are without power. Luckily we are not one of them. Sunday morning and afternoon we experianced winds ranging from 50 to 80 mph. Yeah. Our ward now meets from 1-4 (love it!) and the power went off and on over 6 times during Sacrament Meeting. Needless to say we all went home early. Our (meaning us...BC, Anabelle and I) worst problems have been; beling without cable, internet or phone for a couple of hours, traffic, not being able to get milk because the stores that are open are out (Wal-mart and Kroger are closed because they have no power), and BC had a hard time trying to find gas because of the power outages but luckily he did find it and our orders at Sonic got messed up because they ran out of just about everything and they were freaking out because they actually had customers. So ya, we were blessed. Just that morning BC and I were on our way to church talking about how we all need 72 hour kits. Ironic. I guess Heavenly Father was watching over us...and the Ryder Cup.

Anabelle's Photobook

Rock-a-bye Baby

So, Anabelle fell asleep watching Elmo in her rocking bug. Being the great parents that we are, we caught it on the camera first and then laid her down in her bed. We have our priorities in check.

It's a BOY!!!

Augus 17th 2008

Yes, yes...we're going to have a little BC. Now he won't be alone with us two girls. We were so shocked to find out that we weren't having a girl. I screamed during the ultrasound and I just couldn't believe it. Anabelle went with us to the screening and she didn't really like seeing me getting it done. We tried to tell her that we were watching a movie but she just wanted to stand next to me and rub my arm. She never cried, she just had a concerned look on her face. We kept trying to tell her that Mommy was just fine but she never left my side. She's going to be a great big sister.

Anabelle's first bowl of Icecream

OK, OK, Ok, ok......

I know. If you're just going by the non-activity on this blog you might just think I'm really lazy. I'm not. I've been busy all summer and I'm just now getting around to updating this thing. I am sorry that this has been my last priority lately. Hopefully I'll be better in the future.

There is so much to tell and so many pictures to post that I may only get a few updates done this week, but I promise not to fall behind again. I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos.



Rylee's 9th Birthday Party

Dancin', Dancin', Dancin'!

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Steele

HW 2008

Having Fun at Mammaw and Pappy's House

Memorial Day weekend we traveled a whole 2 hours (as apposed to 6) to Morgantown to visit my mom, Anabelle's mammaw, and Danny, my step-dad and Anabelle's pappy. We always have a nice relaxing time there. BC captured some of Anabelle's favorite things to do on the digital. So, I posted them below. She also loves going on walks with her Mammaw and Angel, Mom's dog. Hopefully we'll get to spend more time there this summer and add going swimming to the list!!

playing in the rocks

waving at the cars passing by

sittin' on the porch

playing with cousins Rylee (8) and Avery (3)

taking out all of Mammaw's food storage

The new Do

Spendin' some time in Daddy's shoes!

Spendin' some time in Daddy's shoes!

Anabelle's gonna be a Big Sister!!!

BC and I were surprised to find out that we are having another baby. I have to say surprised because we had been trying earlier in the year and had no sucess so we kinda quit and viola...I'm pregnant and once again sick. We are, however, excited and I think still in shock. We aren't really hoping for a boy or a girl because I think we're pretty sure that it's going to be a girl. At this point I'm just praying that everything is going well and that won't be sick the entire time I'm pregnant. So that's pretty much it...oh, as you can see from the ticker on the left-hand side of your screen, I'm due January 14th...3 days after Anabelle's 2nd birthday!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last night around 11:30 pm I finished THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer. It was incredible. I was really sceptical when I began reading because, as most of you know, I am a huge fan of Twilight and the books of that series. I've read them all at least 3 times and I swear I'm going to die before the movie comes out in December. However, Meyer outdid herself. Unlike Twilight, The Host is an adult novel so I don't feel so kiddy when I'm reading it, but the magic is still there. Plus, there are no vampires...just aliens that invade human bodies for the greater good of our species. I know, it sounds wierd and too sci-fi for the "normal" reader. It did just make it to #1 on the NY TIMES BEST SELLER LIST. It's a must me!

Our New House...

Here are some pictures of our new place in Louisville, Kentucky. We are just renting and we have a roommate, BC's cousin Megan, but it's really nice and we love the neighborhood! I have not put picures of our room and bathroom because I'm not finished decorating them and they're still in that weird transition stage. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I can get it all done so that I can post in on here! Another thing is that we live in a two bedroom (the three bedroom next door got taken before we could claim it) however we did end up with a formal dinning room that we converted into Anabelle's bedroom/play room. It's actually really nice, I can always see where she is and what she's doing. Plus, she loves running through the curtains and into the kitchen. We're all loving having all this room and we would love to have visitors!

Our Trip to Destin, FL May 12, 2008

Hey Everyone!! Bet you thought I was giving up on the blog?! Well, I hope you'll accept the excuse of moving 8 hours away, traveling for 2 weeks and then going to Florida. So, below are some slides from our trip to the beach that we took with BC's family. Anabelle had the best time. She loved the water, even the ocean. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of her on the beach, but we do have some of her in the pool and riding her first amusment park ride with her big cousin Farrah. I got sunburned the second day out and BC found a few sea shells. All in all we had a nice time.

Farrah and Anabelle's first Merry-Go-Round ride

The Fishing Pier

The Pool

BC got Pinned!!

BC got Pinned!!
BC and he best friends got pinned on May 1st. From left to right: Jeremiah Taylor, Matt Hurd, BC and Scott Raisor.

I don't think they even know...

I think this picture pretty much sums up Matt's entire 3rd year! Whew!

Our Last trip to Stone Mountain (for now)

Easter Photos...finally!

Singing and Dancing


So...last weekend we spent in Louisville. Our goal was to find a place to rent for next year while BC is doing his rotations. We decided to move there so that we could be closer to our're welcome. Anyway, last weekend just happened to be when the biggest blizzard we've seen in 3 years hit right dab in the middle of Louisville...13 inches of snow. We had two of the home owners cancel with us and the other places that we saw were not ideal at all....except one!! Yes, we did it in 1.1 ft. of snow! It's a condo off of Shelbyville road in Middletown. Anabelle, Megan (BC's cousin) and Iwill be moving in on April 18th and BC will join us on the 5th of May. There will be plenty of room so everyone better get ready to visit!!!!!!!!!! WOOO-WHOO! Kentucky, we're coming home!

It's the one on the left...what do you think?

The Injuries of Anabelle Grace

Anabelle has had a rough past three weeks. After we went to the Children' s Museum she caught a virus that left her with an extremely sore throat and a high fever. Then while we were away in Indiana she became congested and runny-nosed. One night in particular was not only rough on her and I but on Chelsea, Farrah and Adra. We were all up with babies throwing up and running fevers. Eventually Anabelle got better and on the first Sunday of March Anabelle was outside with her Nona, Farrah and Noah and she just tripped on her own feet and scratched her nose and forehead on the concrete. Once that began to heal up she fell down the stairs at BC's cousin's house in Louisville, hence the black eye. I think she's starting to feel better but her eye looks worse now that the bruising is getting more yellow and blue. I think she's going to be like her momma...completely accident prone. Oh, p.s., I was the one watching her while she was on the stairs.

Ping Pong...the next generation!

Ping Pong...the next generation!
Anabelle and Farrah are as serious about the game as their daddies!

The Homecoming of Elder Kurbalee...

So February 27th Kirby Lee came home from the mission. He's been in France for 2 years and all we've seen of him is pictures. But, the day he came home we saw a lot less of him than we did on the day he left...he's so little!!! It was so great to see him and it seems like he never left. Anabelle was a bit skiddish around him but she began to warm up after a few days. Farrah on the other hand ran straight up to him when he walked through the gate. It was nice to finally see him with the two of his nieces.

The dancin' machine

Anabelle loves to dance. She has a few favorite songs that when she hears them she can't help but to squat down and swing that arm around. It's her new signature move.

Me and My Daddy


The Children's Museum

The Children's Museum
Last Month part of the baby play group went to The Children's Museum of Atlanta for Free Tuesdays. The museum is pretty much a big playground. Each exibit is like a mini play area. For example, one was all about food. There was a little garden and a grocery store. Another exibit was like a little play house with a reading area and a kitchen. In one of the pictures Anabelle is at the kitchen table blessing her least that's what it looked like! There was also a water exibit and a moon sand exibit...we didn't participate in either of those.

This is how she got that virus...but she's gonna love cucumbers 'til the day she dies.

"...and please, bless this plastic tomato that I am about to put in my mouth..."

Anabelle's First Christmas Breakfast

I know that it's February and Chirstmas was months ago, but our computer was having trouble downloading videos because we didn't have enough memory on it. Last week BC installed a new, bigger, memory board and viola, we now have more space which means our connection is least that's what he told me. He's right though. I tried at least four times to download this sucker into my photobucket account and it never worked...that is, until yesterday. Then it downloaded in seconds.'s really a love/hate relationship.

Just around the house

Well, this week has been kinda slow. Molly's gone, along with her parents and Anabelle and I are home alone again. It's actually been pretty good concidering I've had help for the last three weeks. We've just been hanging out, soaking up each other's awesomeness and mean while Anabelle has learned some new words. On the video below she says Daddy. But now she's saying "cat" and "please". Her Mamaw told me last night that I need to watch what I say around her now...I guess "dang" and "crap" are words that she doesn't need to learn. I'll try my best!!!


So the Super Bowl was this past Sunday as I'm sure all of America knows. We had a party fit for Payton Manning himself...unfortunatly he declined the invite, something about his brother and box seats. Whatev. Anyway, we had a spread that would give one heartburn just by looking at it and a projection that could blind even the sharpest of eyes...if it were on the right channel. I think we all enjoyed the game. Even I looked forward to watching something other than green grass and golfballs in High Def and 10 feet tall. HA! Yes, that one was for you Clyde! Hope you all enjoy the pics.

p.s. Anabelle got pooped out around the 4th quarter and she made me turn on The Little Mermaid...that's what we're looking at on her mini dvd player.

They had such a good time together!

It is widely known that the Falcons did not make it to the Super Bowl. Anabelle was just hoping for a last minute change.

Scott was hoping to see the "perfect season"...too bad he didn't stay to watch it get crushed in the end! GO GIANTS!!!!!

This is the only picture of J-Maya and Ashleigh...I don't know why it's upside you Suzi??

Molly's in much so that her eyes have turned red.

The screen was GIANORMOUS.

Suzi was frightened by Tom Petty.

The ball game took a back seat to Ariel.

Anabelle's 1st Birthday!!

So, ya...Anabelle's first birthday was last month and I'm just now getting some pictures on the blog. Turned out that all the pictures that we had taken weren't so great and we didn't get any of her eating cake or anything like that. Luckily Nona and Mammaw did so I was able to get some copies. As you can see, there were a few people there and Anabelle was not a very happy Birthday Girl. We managed though and I think everyone had a nice time...except for her Uncle Billy. Anabelle is kinda frightened by him...I think it's the beard. So here are some pictures of our cute little b-day girl. Hope you all enjoy 'em!

Everyone who was cool wore the hats...that's right.

Anabelle's Elmo looked better than it me.

Avery is seen here demonstraiting the great American past time of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey.

Coty is totally blind in both eyes.

Adam is getting a few good turns.

The first bite of cake was taken in a trepidatious manner...

It didn't take long for her to get hooked though.

The clean up wasn't nearly as fun as the eating of the cake was!

The opening of the presents is always fun...BC and I did most of it but Avery and Farrah helped!

After the party was over these two girls enjoyed some much needed pretzels.

Christmas time was here...

I know, I know...Christmas is over and I am so far behind. But really it's not my fault. Our little family left on the 15th of December to go to Kentucky and Indiana for Christmas. So, the day before that we had our own little Christmas and our Christmas party with our friends from here in are the long awaited pictures!

A little family picture for Christmas...minus Kirby.

BC's gift from Buddy the Elf...candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. Also some ice cold Coca-Cola.

no chimney...but never the less, hung with care.


Sorry to everyone who's been looking on here with no luck. I've been extremely busy with Christmas and studying to take my state boards next I've got a walking 11 month old who is into everything! So, I can't really post any picks today, but I promise to try to as soon as my boards are done with! Pray for me!!

Just a funny video...


Nona and Papi come to town!

Anabelle was glad to have her Nona and Papi here last week while Molly is/was away out west. We all had a good time, except for Clyde who's back was killing him the whole time they were here. But, in spite of that aching back he managed to beat BC, Scott and Matt in 18 holes of golf. Other than that BC didn't get to hang out with us that much because of school and work. Never the less, Anabelle was well entertained as was I. Since they've been gone things have been a little slower and I have to say, I miss having breakfast ready when I get up...thank you Suzie!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N spells Halloween...

At least that's how we used to sing it in school. So, ya, Halloween was yesterday and it was a mighty busy day here at the Childress home. I hosted baby playgroup at our house and then Anabelle took a great big nap that caused us to miss our church party. So when she woke up we went to our "after-party party" at our friends, Matt and Catherine, house. BC and I were Jim and Pam from "The Office" and Anabelle was a duck, just generic, nothing commercial yet...we are trying to stay away from all of that...HA! We handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters drank butterbeer (all you H.P. lovers will know what I'm talking about) and we snacked around while the boys all played ping-pong. It was a good time. And no, we didn't take Anabelle trick-or-treating because she's too little and we would only eat all her candy!

Anabelle and Jane were both ducks. Only Jane wasn't too big on the little hat. They were both so cute!

Jim and Anabelle the Duck. Why does he always look at the camera like that?!

Anabelle and her little friend Audrey. Audrey doesn't look to happy about putting on her costume, does she!

Sweet little duckie!

PB & J and Anabelle...she raved all night long!

The pumpkin patch...

So, last week our little family found a pumpkin patch right outside of Atlanta. It wasn't anything like the ones that we've been to before in Kentucky or Ohio, our pumpkin cost 16 dollars, but we really just went for the experiance. Hopefully next year we'll find a pumpkin patch that is "real sincere" (Linus's words, not mine). We carved our pumpkin that night and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". It was a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween!

Anabelle got her own little pumpkin too!

BC and Anabelle are growing every day!

Us at the pumpkin patch